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Today, I saw a public number can achieve the “initiative” to push messages to users, I know this should not be a real initiative, but I do not understand how this process is achieved, the following screenshot will know my problem, please God’s advice.
1,For the first time, the public address was first ignored, and no interaction was generated.

2.Operation in the page:

3.When you return to the public address, you can see that the message has been sent.

Also, the above procedure can be repeated, that is, the public number of this message is not limited to the number of times.
Which great God gives a train of thought and explanation.

Answer 0:

See third can exclude passive reply (passive reply can only be one at a time).

  1. Get up earlyClicking on the menu triggers fan interaction (it takes 48 hours for Weixin to actively send customer messages)
  2. Use the customer service message interface to send copies and pictures of third pictures.
Answer 1:

WeChat official documents:
In the process of interaction between the micro-credit user and the public number, some operations of the user will make the micro-mail server notify the server address set by the developer in the developer center by event push, so that the developer can get the information. Among them, some events are pushed back to allow developers to reply.Some of the users are not allowed. The details are as follows:
1 Attention / cancellation concerns
2 Two dimensional code event with scan band parameters
3 Reporting geographic location events
4 Custom menu events
5 Click the menu to pull the message when the event is pushed.
6 Click the menu to jump the link when the event is pushed.

The approximate process can be realized:
When the user clicks on the menu and enters the page, the server receives the corresponding event push (including the user’s openid), then it can call the information interface to send information to the user. (WeChat stipulates that users can send messages to users within 48 hours when they interact with the public number).

Of course, if you want the user to do something on the page and then send the corresponding information, you can send the message more accurately by authorizing a Wechat page on the page and combining it with the event push of the menu.

Answer 2:

If you have the service number, you have the right.

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