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If the title, rookie, what will be a little bit, but did not do a major project, intend to write their own App, front and back to all their own. It was five or six years ago, so don’t talk about Vim. I mean, which ones are less likely to depend on IDE, and have lots of plug-ins.

Answer 0:

Some time ago, when learning a small program, using flask-Restful to do a simple background, directly using sublimetext to follow the document to write the background, database sqlite, all the background are placed in A. py file, you canTake a look at it.

Answer 1:

As long as you have a solid foundation, you can write with Notepad.

But with better tools, why use sublime as a text editor?
More languages are used in back-end logic.

  1. java
  2. php
  3. nodejs
  4. go
  5. python
  6. ruby

None of them can develop a full back end without IDE.

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