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Recently, the previous Blue Icon vscode upgraded to yellow version, but suddenly the card can not, open the process to see that there are two very high proportion of the process, shut down, this is what happened, you can not always go to the manual shutdown

Answer 0:

I’m not sure, but try the insiders (green icon) version. It’s okay with the normal version.

Answer 1:

My card is too laggy. Go to vscode’s official website to find the previous version or update it.

Answer 2:

I did a few days ago, and then I had an upgrade.

Answer 3:

Me too, but you’ve all noticed that two processes occupy the CPU, called rg.exe. Right-click to the folder and delete it.

Answer 4:

Delete itemsnode_modules andpackage-lock.json Reusenpm install Do not usecnpm

Answer 5:

All right, the 64 place is not yellow, orange!!!

Now it’s green.

Answer 6:

I’m stuck, too.

Answer 7:

The handsome people are not stuck. Well, congratulations.

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