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The company needs to have a similar probe app homepage card sliding effect, ask if anyone has written this example, or GitHub issued it.

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Do you solve this problem?

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Just went to search and look at it. In general, this special effect is not difficult to achieve. Just use CSS3 transform: the principle is that after sliding the outer picture, the next picture can be slowly enlarged. It may be noted that a few div elements may need to be recycled, but only the corresponding number.It is, rather than changing the ele structure.

Answer 2:

This is the drag effect. I think it’s too slow to use animation. With the new attribute of H5, dragable, you can use the drag-and-drop form of this div to determine whether the div has been dragged to a specified area, whether it is hourly or reset. Layout uses absolute to set z-ind.Ex feel 10000 plus no problem, ha ha, or add an array, convenient backstage docking. Consider the problem of performance, the question of the request, and the problem of presentation.

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