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More and more feel the benefits of linux, recently want to turn the development environment into ubuntu, ask you, some problems how to solve or what good solution?

For example, the problem of QQ.

Answer 0:

It’s very simple. If you don’t use QQ, you can’t open a Windows virtual machine. After all, there is no perfect solution.

Answer 1:

May consider usingMacOS,Be able to useQQ,Also can write code happily.

Answer 2:

Honey, you need a Mac to rescue you, the old driver irresponsibly tells you, smash the pot to sell iron, staged Mac Pro high-quality, life investment, never regret.

Answer 3:

QQIf there is a wine version, it can still be used.

Answer 4:

Do not use QQ in Linux. Or use webqq.
But not Linux, Linux desktop is not recommended.

Answer 5:
  1. You can use the deepin system, which is made by the domestic team based on the Linux desktop system. It seems that QQ is built in.

  2. Install wine, run Windows program, but some font settings are more troublesome.

  3. Directly open virtual machine

Answer 6:

Mobile QQ or iPad QQ perfect solution

Answer 7:

Wine is not recommended. If hardware is hard enough, VBox can run Win directly to QQ. WebQQ delay is still very high, and can not synchronize chat records, experience is not good.

Answer 8:

WEBQQ,I don’t know if it’s still updated.

PS:LUNUX can only be used by servers, and I can’t bear LINUX with desktop system. The desktop program of LINUX is too dregs.

Answer 9:

I installed a virtual machine to solve all the problems, though there are some problems.

Answer 10:

Using VM virtual machine to solve this problem, Linux’s desktop is really rotten.

Answer 11:

wineQQ International version of measurement: to those in need

Answer 12:

Desktop corner for reference, in fact, even if you do not have a desktop, many tools also have command line versions.

Answer 13:

Recommend a home-made GNU / Linux distribution Deepin bar, the localization is good, UI is also good, built-in QQ, WPS and other software, based on RossOver to achieve platform compatibility of these software. Measuring the distribution dailyThere is no big problem with development.

Answer 14:

GNU/LinuxDesktop users can use mobile QQ, file transfer can use Tencent micro cloud (web page version). Because mobile QQ can upload files to the micro cloud, you can also read files from the micro cloud.Choose to store it in the “micro cloud.” Of course, it’s OK to dummy an XP to run QQ and test IE8 on Ubuntu with 1 GB of VirtualBox memory. The domestic Debian-based distribution of Deepin’s Wine QQ looks good, too, if you have to.If you use QQ on Linux, you can try Deepin..

Answer 15:

Installed KVM and ran a win10.

Answer 16:

It’s so hard to say those on the floor. Directly installed vagrant can not achieve the development environment for Linux, but also can use Windows software.

Answer 17:

CrossOverArtifact! It’s not expensive.

Answer 18:

Crossover upstairs There are ways in this.

Answer 19:

If I develop, I use the command line mode, directly through the X shell or putty connection server development, or the local windows system installed a virtual machine is finished, I do not think to do development need to install the window version

Answer 20:

In fact, there is no good solution, if you want to be particularly comfortable.

Open the virtual machine and buy Mac. 2 schemes

Answer 21:

Deepin , Localization is enough, desktop is beautiful, built-in Wine and CrossOver

Answer 22:

It costs 100 yuan to find a black apple on Taobao. No way, the front-end cuts have to use the adobe family barrel. It’s been using Ubuntu for a while, but the new version of the PS CC can’t be loaded.

Answer 23:

windowThe system is equipped with Ubuntu virtual machine development.

Answer 24:

1.Open a virtual machine, use Windows
2.Using webqq
3.Use deepin to agree with @x1ah

Answer 25:

It can be win10+ virtual machine. Now windows’s virtual machine is very good, hype-v

Answer 26:

I feel that you need two computers.

A win10

A *nix

Perfect solution to your problem.

Answer 27:

I work under Linux. I will not use QQ, nor will I use IM and other software that has an impact on my work.

Answer 28:

qqWell done, crossover is okay, and the point is that Ubuntu keeps crashing, and updating the latest kernel is also, maybe hardware.

Answer 29:

My previous practice is to install a VM virtual machine, install Debian system, the computer configuration is very good, work smoothly. Later changed the company, the computer configuration is not good, found that the test server is a desktop Linux operating system, so installed a VNC on the test machine, usually write code is written directly inOn the test machine, the locals were too lazy to install the environment, and then almost all the work slowly shifted to the test machine. Because there are many benefits, 1., because the server is Linux system, which is in line with the network environment. 2. because the server never stops, you can not close the file. Do you understand me?That is to say, after leaving work today and tomorrow, you don’t have to reopen the software. My sublime has been running on the server for months, as have the browsers, and the open excel, which works without closing or opening, even with vnc. 3. no longer rely on local computers. hypothesisYour computer crashes, which usually affects your work, because it holds a lot of information needed for the job. But because you’re actually working on the server, the local machine is just a shell running vnc, so you change a pc, install a VNC client, connect to the test server, and it’s still working.Do. There is no need to worry about things like changing computers. Whether you use MAC or windows, you rely too much on that computer, right?
so,If you can, be sure to install a desktop operating system (recommended debian) on the server and work on it so that you can work easily even on someone else’s computer.

Answer 30:

cossoverSearch QQ or TIM directly, install and use one button.
It’s a little bit of a problem, but it’s perfectly safe for everyday use.

Answer 31:

It’s very laborious. With windows, the development environment is directly on vagrant or docker.

Answer 32:

Write a system yourself

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