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There is a long useless machine with Git installed on it, and there must be a local warehouse. But forget where the warehouse is.
Is there any command to check which libraries are available and where is the path?

Answer 0:

What is a computer system, Win or Linux?
WinThen use the answer above to search the whole world.
linuxIf you use the history command.

Answer 1:

First you need to open the Hidden Display folder (if the computer doesn’t open), and then search for it just as the guy above said, but depending on how big your hard drive is, it’s much faster to use a professional search tool if it’s bigger, say, 500 gigabytes or more and has a lot of files installed.It doesn’t cause the computer to get stuck in a search and not be able to do anything else or browse other files, and it won’t take too long to do a full search if there are fewer, 10 minutes should be tolerable.
My computer can not find files when using everything, to a green version of the connection.

Answer 2:

gitWithout this function, you can try the whole.Git directory.

Open PowerShell, execute command

dir -r .git

That’s all right.

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