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For example, the folder name of the website is www. How should its owner (chown) be set up? What is the general number set by the command set by Chmod -R XXX with numbers?

Does site directory require executable permissions? Do you need executable permissions to run PHP?

Answer 0:

Generally speaking, file permissions are 755, that is, all permissions open to themselves, the rest of the users have the right to read and execute but not write.
If you ask the directory you do not need to execute the permission, of course. If the directory doesn’t have execute permission, you can’t access the directory at all (you can treat the open directory as the execute directory).
If you refer to the PHP file, you do not need to execute the permission, or the top one, 755 is enough.

Answer 1:

You need to determine the execution user and user group of PHP to set up the site directory owner and all groups in comparison, otherwise how do you know if the user is owner or group or other? So there is no point in saying 755644 directly. You can refer to this: straighten out PHP in LFile permissions for inux execution

Answer 2:

One site, one server, with permissions of 755, single server, multiple sites, can be 775 or 755,775 is a common group. The 755 is resource isolation configuration.

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