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At present, I am learning how to write code on the server, although the tutorial website provides graphical Linux, but feel card.
Now use the putty input command winscp to modify the file, but there’s a program that runs web pages and needs to be opened in the server’s browser.
If you don’t want to use graphical Linux, is there any software that remotely opens the local web on the server side? There is no root authority.

Answer 0:
  • Get the server IP address, putty input commandifconfig

  • Configure DNS to resolve your domain name and edit your hosts file locally.C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

IPAddress domain nameFor example192.168.0.111
  • Browser input domain access

Answer 1:

Go directly with a browser. You do a few things:
1.Know your server’s IP
2.Set up the server firewall, allowing 80 or 8080 (in short, the port of your web service) to pass.
3.webNormal service opens
4.The IP on your test machine can be mapped to the server IP (for example, under the same gateway, or to the server’s web service port)

Answer 2:

Feel that your problem description is somewhat vague and unclear.

First of all, is your server’s local site hosted on Apache or nginx, listening for local or public network ip?

Generally, the public net is IP

Now that you know the public network IP, after opening Apache or nginx, the direct use of public network IP can be opened on its own browser.

The question now is whether your server has already opened Apache or nginx or other server software to carry the website.

Answer 3:

1、Using eLinks

yum install -y elinks

elinks (Configure hosts domain name resolution for your web)

Answer 4:

If you want to access the local Web application on the public network, just configure a Access Key with Holer to get it done.…

Link of this Article: Access the server local web server

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