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I have a server in Ali cloud that has helped me install centos6.3 and now I don’t have any software that needs to be installed right now Yum uodate because I look on the Internet that it needs to do this.

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Take a refresher while you are busy, otherwise you will have to wait for half a day when you download things.

Answer 1:

Take advantage of not too much dependence, as soon as possible sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Answer 2:

Ali Yun should not.
Look at personal needs, but with good environment, run the service, it is best not to update casually.

Answer 3:

CentOSMost packages are fixed version numbers. Redhat will backport some security updates or a small number of features to this version.
Therefore, the CentOS upgrade package does not cause compatibility problems.

The package with the upgrade version number seems to have CentOS 7 Docker

If you compile your own kernel, you can exclude kernel and kernel-headers, kernel-tools, kernel-tools-libs updates in yum.conf

Therefore, for the CentOS system, yum update -y can be basically guaranteed to ensure system security.
CentOS system is strongly recommended to upgrade all packages to the latest version.

Answer 4:

It is strongly recommended to upgrade, especially CentOS 6.6, to resolve the Openssl bloodletting vulnerability. Previous versions are vulnerable and are not recommended.
It is best to install 6.8 directly, so that Update will be much less.

Answer 5:

1、The first thing to suggest installing the system is: Yum update -y

Answer 6:

centosAnytime, update, no problem. Debian is not sure

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