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After I am NPM run build, copy the files under dist to the Cordova wwww directory, Cordova run browser and Cordova run Android run in browsers and Android emulators respectivelyAll right, but put it on the real machine, white screen, with chrome remote mode to see that the DOM is not rendered, what is the problem?

Answer 0:

See what is wrong with the simulator or Gap Debug.

Answer 1:

To see if it is compatible, you can use Chrome browser to debug the WebView on the Android, the Chrome browser address bar enters this chrome://inspect/#devices, and then the cell phone connects to the computer through USB,Open USB debugging, and then you can see your page on this page. Click in to see if there is any mistake.

Answer 2:

We have solved the problem of packing crosswalk plug-ins. Maybe the mobile phone version is too low.

Answer 3:

I met this problem, too. Thanks to @assassin_cike for sharing experience, you only need to install plug-ins according to step

Answer 4:

I also encountered this problem, and it was OK to install the crosswalk plug-in, but after installing the plug-in, the Cordovan build Android was wrong because the plug-in clashed with the gradle version and then entered the command Cordova pl.Ugin add cordova-android-support-gradle-release –variable ANDROID_SUPPORT_VERSION=27.0.0 can feel when running.Thanks to @assassin_cike for gratitude

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