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To achieve a breadcrumb navigation function, it is not purely a static CSS breadcrumb navigation, dynamic based on data, and the parent and sublevel data are uncertain. Don’t know what a good idea is?

Answer 0:

1、If your back end can lay pages, breadcrumbs can be navigated by them, because they’re the source of the data, what’s the data store, what’s the navigation
Your front end creates a click to navigate the tab request to load the corresponding content.
2、Write TPL, enter the page for the asynchronous request load navigation list data to render to the corresponding position, click tab request to load the corresponding content, or first request the navigation list data and the contents under the corresponding navigation to you, you only do a similar tab display hidden

Answer 1:

The application of the principle of Java in the stack is advanced. The first record is placed at the bottom of the stacks when it returns to the top of the stack.

Answer 2:

If you have top navigation and left navigation, you can pass.js Gets the top and left elements of the navigation, and then renderings the navigation names to the breadcrumb navigation.

Answer 3:

The navigation bar stores the database, and searches when the parent child relationship is displayed.

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