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When I asked questions, how did the editor on this webpage do it?
If I were to develop a similar Q&A site by myself, would it be possible to build one within a month on my own? Those technologies need to be used. I want to look for those books.
I am doing it, or there is a ready-made editor that can be incorporated into the system I’m going to develop, where to find such an editor, and how can I put such an editor into my system. If you can’t tell me, I will die and delete the problem.

Answer 0:

segmentfault The editor used is the markdown editor, which is different from the traditional rich text editor.

1:If you start from 0 and write an editor yourself, if you’re just a simple function and you’re familiar with all aspects of the technology, one month is a simple function editor. It is not enough if you want to make a month of perfect functioning.
2:It can be redeveloped on the basis of existing rich text editors. Many rich text editors provide a lot of convenient entrance for redevelopment.
3:You can examine the author’s mind of writing this editor. It’s not easy to make such an editor. WangEditor Address: why do I have to make a rich text editor
4:If you do it, you can find an existing editor, if you use the traditional rich text editor, recommend wangEditor, if you use the markdown editor, recommend using:, this markdown editor I used in actual development, very much.Good use

Answer 1:

Find a customized editor and add some of your own code. For example,…

Answer 2:

Baidu search rich text editors a lot…

Answer 3:

You can use a free plug-in, such as UEditor

Answer 4:

Recommending rich text editor

Answer 5:

Baidu’s UEditor

Answer 6:

If you want to use markdown, you recommend marked.js, which can be rendered in the background, or rendered at the foreground.

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