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Creating a database in the command line can be so:

create database db_name;

Now I use xftp to connect to CentOS:

Right click on the new window to create a new folder. Is it equivalent to creating a database?

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No, many database-related configurations are initialized when creating a database, not just a single folder.

Answer 1:

I have a database (InnoDB engine), and there is only one users table in it. After opening, I can see three files.
db.opt It contains the charset and collection of the database. If you don’t specify the charset of the table when you build it, the default is the charset of the database. So we can understand that db.opt stores the common configuration of the database.
users.frmAnd when users.ibd opens, it’s all messy. Users. frm holds the structure of the users table, which is read when you get the structure of the users table with descusers or show create table usersTable. Users.ibd is stored in data and index.

Therefore, you create an empty file and create an empty database. There is no.Opt file in the database. When you build a table, you will need to manually select the encoding when you encounter char or varchar fields.
Sometimes backing up the database means copying the folder directly to a place and backing it up.

Answer 2:

Do you think so!
I built the directory structure of Linux in windows, and I wrote a Linux system.

Answer 3:

Verify the actual operation!

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