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In the process of front end R & D, I sometimes want to operate a mobile phone on a computer to improve R & D or test efficiency. At present, I use the demo function of 360 handset assistants, but the response is too slow and is not practical. Do you have any skills or tools to recommend?

Answer 0:

Use this bar: supports wireless control, and the reaction speed is OK.

Answer 1:

If Android can use Chrome built-in Remote devices to debug the mobile phone web pages.

ISOThe Safari in the system can be debugged directly with the Safari connection of Mac.

In addition, if you want to make debugging easier, you can use print Console directly in your cell phone.

Answer 2:

Vysor,The reaction speed is first-class, and it supports operation on PCAndroidMobile phone. Support the various system platforms, even aschrome appUse.

If it isiPhoneIn generalxcodeThe effect of the simulator is good enough.

Answer 3:

Of course, the choice of chrome
Can operate mobile phone web page, can check the mobile phone web page request, can check console

Only four steps are needed:

1、Ensure that chrome browsers are installed first

2、Second, ensure that chrome has climbed the wall successfully.

3、Finally, use Android USB real machine to connect to the computer and turn on the USB debugging mode of mobile phone.

4、Finally, open chrome and input: chrome://inspect

Yes, in addition, chrome supports more than Android 4.4 mobile phones.

Answer 4: npm install -g browser-sync Let you get home

Answer 5:

You can download all kinds of emulators directly, install and run.
The effect should be good.

Answer 6:

safari Take this function with yourself

Answer 7:

vConsoleMobile terminal debugging

Answer 8:

Use the mobile browser mode to develop faster

Answer 9:

The simulator is OK

Answer 10:

chrome firefox safariWait for this function and turn on it.

Answer 11:

Operate a mobile phone on a computer.

One way is to install the software for the handset assistant, which is based on the ADB debug cell phone (the ADB’s higher authority program can manipulate the data on the phone independently), and a lot of software is posted upstairs.

There is another way to add a standard wireless screen way through miracast, which does not need to install any software, but requires a relatively standard mobile phone and a computer software and hardware to support miracast. The following is the method

1、The computer opens the function of the wireless screen, waiting for the docking of the equipment. In win10, it is called “connect” or “projection”.

2、The mobile phone turns on the “wireless display” and normally, you can find the computer’s “wireless screen” device and click it to connect it, just like Bluetooth.

3、When connected automatically, the computer will display the screen of the phone and a mouse will appear on the phone. The computer terminal can use mouse, keyboard and mobile phone, which is equivalent to another screen of mobile phone. You can open applications, browse web pages, do anything.

Answer 12:

You can download the full name assistant, you can install browsers and other software.

Answer 13:

360The handset assistant seems to be able to do it

Answer 14:
 Next applied treasure

Answer 15:

charles + Google developer debugging tool chrome://inspect/#devices. enters this entry directly in Chrome browser. Charles sets the agent, and the mobile phone also sets the agent to the IP address for the computer. The mobile phone opens the developer tool, USB debug.

Answer 16:

Use this software TeamViewer for good use

Answer 17:

iosThe machine uses Safari: the mobile phone connects the computer with the USB line, in the menu bar -> develops ->
androidThe machine uses chrome: mobile phone to connect the computer with USB line, and input address in chrome: chrome://inspect

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