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It is best not to use the latest version. The new version is not stable with various problems. The first one or two versions of the latest version are the best. The version used in this article

mysql 5.7 
php 7
testlink 1.9.15 

testlink1.9.17The code for 8 has not been modified, and the previous version is wrong.

install step

  1. Install MySQL
  2. Install PHP
  3. Install Apache
  4. Install TestLink

install Mysql

See the installation of MySQL under wondows

install PHP

After downloading PHP, extract the address of PHP to add to the environment variable.

Note: download the security thread version for Apache use, not in thread safety.php7apache2_4.dllDocuments. TS and NTS are different.

Open CMD, enterphp -vIf the publication is shown, the environment configuration is successful.

configure PHP to support MySQL

Open the PHP folder, copy a php.ini-development file, and change it to php.ini.

Here must be modified to php.ini, some programs only recognize php.ini files, so that you can also save a most original configuration file, and then modify the php.ini file.

Open the php.ini file and remove the annotation symbol in front ();


install Apache

Open the Apache home page and find the Apache server download address

Click on for windows

Download ApacheHaus

Apache Lounge:
BitNami WAMP Stack:BitnameIntegrated installation
WampServer:WindowsIntegrated installation
XAMPP:LinuxIntegrated installation below

After downloading, decompress it and install it according to the read_first in the root directory.


  1. withAdministratorsThe identity runs CMD and goes to the bin directory under Apache to run commands:httpd.exe,If there is an error, it will output error, according to the error correction, if there is any error, the cursor will stay there after the line is changed.
  2. Visit http://localhost and see that Apache Haus’s page indicates environment OK, ctrl+c stops service.
  3. Input commandhttpd -k installInstall Apache as a Windows service.
  4. Input commandhttpd -k startStart the Apache service and visit http://localhost to see if the boot is successful.

commonly used Apache commands

Stop Apache     httpd -k stop
Restart Apache  httpd -k restart
Uninstall Apache Service    httpd -k uninstall
Test Config Syntax  httpd -t
Version Details httpd -V
Command Line Options List   httpd -h

modify configuration

Modify the Apache related configuration file (Apache24\conf\httpd.conf) as required.

  • Modify the Apache path:Define SRVROOT "F:\Apache24"
  • Port default 80 If the conflict is modified:Listen 80
  • The default directory in the Apache directory can be customized to use this:DocumentRoot "${SRVROOT}/htdocs"

configuration support for PHP

Create a new test.php file in the root directory.


Access to the file: http://localhost/test.php, the source code of the page shows that Apache has not supported the parsing of the PHP, and the configuration file of the Apache needs to be configured.

Adding the following two lines to Apache configuration files, the first line shows that the PHP is loaded in loadmodule, the second line specifies the path of the php.ini, and the third line defines the HTML and PHP format files to execute the PHP program:

LoadModule php5_module "F:\php\php5apache2_4.dll"
PHPIniDir "F:\php-5.6.36-Win32-VC11-x64"
AddType Application/x-httpd-php .php .html

Pay attention to the version number of PHP, the above version is 5+, if the version is 7+, it should be amended accordingly.

LoadModule php7_module "F:\php\php7apache2_4.dll"
PHPIniDir "F:\php"
AddType Application/x-httpd-php .php .html

Restart Apache and revisit http://localhost/test.php.

install TestLink

The installation of TestLink is directly installed on the web page, so the installation of all platforms is the same. TestLink downloads the address.

Put the downloaded TestLink into the root directory of Apache’s website and visit. Browser inputlocalhost:8080/testlink_1.9.13/index.php,clicknew installation,Install according to the hint.

The final step is:

The red box section in the picture, fill in the address of the database, and especially pay attention to the yellow part. It is written that if the default port (3306) used by the database does not add port number (such as: localhost), if it is not the default port number, you need to add the port number (such as: localhost:5502).

Here’s a big hole: Mysql port number 3306, write the port number, the next step to create the database has been unsuccessful, error reportphp_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed。It’s OK to remove the port number.

Database admin login: Database login name
Database admin password:Database login password
It is mainly used to create TestLink databases.

TestLink DB login:Create an account for TestLink DB
TestLink DB password:Create a TestLink DB password
All requests that need to connect to the TestLink database use this account.

install error summary

> under the TestLink directory to modify the under the TestLink directory.


checking if testlink/logs/ directory exists
checking if upload_area directory exists

Modify the logs path:$tlCfg->log_path = '[tesklinkInstall the directory]/logs/';
Modify the upload_area path:$g_repositoryPath = '[tesklinkInstall the directory]/upload_area/';

*   copy from, [SMTP] Section into
*   complete correct data regarding email addresses and mail server.

Modify the mailbox.

After installation, you can start using http://localhost/testlink/index.html when you open it.

wamp integrated installation”

If you do not want to install individual programs individually, you can use Wamp to integrate and install PHP and a MySQL.

bitnami-testlink integrated installation”

You can also use bitnami’s integrated installation, Apache, mysql, phpadmin, bitnami-testlink download address.


If you forget the TestLink password you filled in during installation, you can look directly at the database’s account password, which translates MD5 into plain text.

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  1. Hello, This is great info for one trying to setup testlink on their own. Thanks.

    Ran into a problem. I get following error when doing as said about.

    TestLink setup will now attempt to setup the database:

    Creating connection to Database Server:Failed!
    Please check the database login details and try again.
    Database Error Message: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known.

    DB setting was give as localhost:3306
    I have mysql 5.7 installed locally.

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