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VirtualBoxEquipped with two virtual machines, centOS and Ubuntu, they can not access the Internet by using bridging mode, nor can they connect to Ping mainframe.
After I manually configure the network as static, the host can ping through the virtual machine, but the virtual machine still can not connect to the external network and Ping through the host.

Host information


Virtual machine information (CentOS)

pingThe results of the external network, the local machine, the gateway

ps:Before changing to static, the enp0s3 card under IP adder does not have an IP4 address, and pings on the external network or host will not be prompted until a long time. When modified to static, Ping is instantly prompted.

Many virtual machines have been configured before, all of them are OK.
This time, the company is equipped with a virtual machine. I don’t know why I don’t want it. Will there be any restrictions on the company?

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Try other network cards, you may be used in the company is wired home is wireless, so you need to switch network cards.

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