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The situation is like this. I was in watch for a project, and fork had one of my own.
Every time the main project has a new commit, I update my fork and make corresponding amendments.
I want to point out in commit’s message which commit. I revised to keep up with this time.
What is the format?

  1. Accordingly, if I want to fill in a commit link of my own history in commit message?
  2. If I get inspiration from a commit of an irrelevant project, how do I link it to message?

just likegit commit -m 'fix #1' On GitHub, you can see the #1 hyperlink to issue#1.

Or, does GitHub’s commit message support markdown?

Answer 0:

Your idea should not be realized, for the following reasons:

  1. You are a watch project, that is, you are not a participant in the project, but a spectator.
  2. You fork the watch warehouse, you periodically pull the source repository version to the local warehouse, and push the local warehouse to your own fork remote warehouse to achieve your own fork warehouse and the source warehouse synchronization.
  3. In the second step above, once you modify commit message, your local warehouse is different from the source repository, so you are equivalent to participating in the project. In other words, you push your commit message to your fork’s remote warehouse.In the library, your fork repository is inconsistent with the source repository, which violates your original intention. You want the fork repository to keep pace with the source repository.

After the version of the source repository is updated, you want to know what the difference between your warehouse and source repository is.git log To see, GIT log is arranged in reverse chronological order, that is, the first commit is the latest update. In this way, you can check the log submitted by the source repository and check the log of your local repository. The difference between them can be compared.

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