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Present situation
1-The third party IM (small business) and third party IM will not be considered.
2-Current server loan is low (can only be used to transfer text).
3-Consulting the major factories (ALI and Tencent), there are no special picture servers.

After investigation, at present, Tencent has a service called cos (object storage), and netizens are different in reflection. When uploading, it is said that there are also pits, and the efficiency is not high.

Please recommend some services for this situation, or do you have any other solutions, 3Q?

Answer 0:

Seven cattle cloud storage, Ali cloud OSS, and shoot the cloud, Tencent cloud COS, are all types of solutions, one of them can be selected.

Answer 1:

Can look at the wild dog

Answer 2:

OSS+CDN,Or directly with seven Niu clouds, the clouds and the like.

Answer 3:

If you do not want to use third party services (such as seven cattle, and then shoot the cloud, etc.), then the picture Base64 is also acceptable.

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