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After a new RN project, it should be executed firstnpm installCan be carried out againreact-native run-androidWait for the order.
If a RN project is moved (such as moving from a C disk to a disk), it must also be executed.npm installCan we continue.
Excuse me, the gods:
1、npm installWhat is the role?
2、Knock downnpm installWhat does the computer do after the command? Many are not clear on the Internet?
Thank you for all the gods!

Answer 0:

This one.
Every RN project has a package.json file, which contains a lot of component information.
Using NPM install, the components needed for package.json installation will be placed in the generated node_modules folder.
rnEvery file in the project can be used by import to introduce node_modules components.

Answer 1:

It is suggested that we first understand what a node project is, and it will be very difficult to learn RN as soon as possible.

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