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Answer 0:

The idea is very simple
Nested 2 containers, such as one outerwrap, one innerwrap.
outerwrapSetting up overflow concealment
innerwrapSet the width Calc (100% + 20px)
This can roll and see the scrollbar

Answer 1:

IEDon’t support it. Cover it with something.

Answer 2:

This is not the problem of IE. It’s your.Navlist’s high level of writing, and the high altitude of navigation has resulted in writing overflow-y:hidden. Your height should not be written down or written to a minimum height.

Answer 3:

Do you mean that the scroll bar is not displayed in a sufficiently high condition, and that it exceeds height? The situation now is to solve the problem whether it is high enough or not under IE. If this is the case, you can comment on it, and I can provide you with a way of thinking.

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