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Want to be a news and information PC terminal website, similar to today’s headlines and Tencent news network, which JS framework is more suitable for the front end?

Answer 0:

News and information category must consider SEO, do not recommend VUE suitable for SPA framework, although there are SSR, it is not always convenient, directly jQuery good.

Answer 1:

informationGateway、It’s best not to use the frame.reactvueangular)。Of course, the framework you’re talking about may becssframe。Get rid of the upstairsSEONot to say,PCEndCompatibilityIt’s a big problem, too.

Answer 2:

underscore Simple writing can also be SEO

Answer 3:

Look at your programming habits. If you have fewer front ends, use Vue, which is simple, convenient and easy to use.

Answer 4:

jquery ,Don’t think about the frame every day

Answer 5:

Simple and beautiful, the first CSS frame UIKit

  1. lightweight and modular front-end framework

for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

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