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The figure above is the right size map of sketch.
The background page is being written, and UI gives the 1920×980 diagram. I write it in the form of fixed size 120px and other PX units, and the style will be confused in the notebook.
Excuse me?
1、How can I set up margin, padding, width, height and other units in order to respond to wide layout?
2、How do the fonts respond?
3、uiDo I need to write exactly the size of the fixed size? You can’t respond to the precise writing.
4、For example, figure 1
(Code, stick at night)

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What is 1920×980, not 1920×1080? If you write a response layout, you can use a percentage, you can also use media queries, and you can use REM or em to recommend rem.

Link of this Article: HTML-sketch picture

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