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Use OpenSSL to use your own certificate, configure HTTPS, and then display an unsafe connection. How can it become a trusted connection of browsers?

Answer 0:

Let’s use Let’s Encrypt.

Your signature is not authenticated by the third party authority, and the browser does not recognize it. Just like, but 12306 people can only import its root certificate.

Browsers are built with many certificates issued by authoritative organizations. Only those subordinate certificates with these certificates are safe. If you test yourself, you can add your root certificate to the list of browsers. But there’s no way for other people’s browsers.

Let’s EncryptIt’s the mainstream browsers, and it’s free.

The above is the original answer, who stepped on it? Give it clear.

Answer 1:
  1. Double click to import your server certificate toKey string
  2. Find your certificate

Answer 2:

The browser definitely does not recognize it. If it is not bad, go directly to godadly.

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