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Computer connected campus wireless LAN IP4 for, want to use mobile phone to visit. Even the same campus LAN. How can I not visit it? According to the information, IP is all 192.168. Why?

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Your 10.211.. Not real computer network IP, it may be a public network of the same external network IP, so mapped on the personal host, you can use ngrod to map the external network IP, and then the mobile phone is normal, 4G can also be accessed.

If you consider deploying to the public network server, you can choose to publish it to BAE, SAE, or VPS, cloud host.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t need cell phone testing. Browser mode analog phone can also achieve similar results.

Answer 1:

First of all, I do not agree with the view of the external network IP upstairs. The campus LAN 99% is the 10 beginning. When I was in school, it was also this, and 10 began to belong to the intranet IP.

Instructions for IP:…

Secondly, make sure your firewall is not open, and sometimes the system is unable to access because of firewall. If your web site is deployed in an intranet server, it is sure to be able to access the test through an intranet network, which I have verified, as I used to do in school.

If you can’t get through, and the webpage is deployed on the server, first visit your computer with your computer.http://10.211.xxxxSee if you can access, if not, consider the local server monitoring problem. If you can, check the firewall problem.

Answer 2:

It’s better to go to the Internet cafe.

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