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 <view class="weui-cells weui-cells_after-title">
        <view class="weui-cell weui-cell_input">
          <view class="weui-cell__hd">
            <view class="weui-label">The current selection of < /view>< /view>< view class= "weui-cell__bd" >≪ picker mode= "date" value= "{{date}}" start= "2015-09-01" end= "2017-09-01" bindchange= "bindchange="E ">< view class= "weui-input" > {{date}}< /view>< /picker>< /view>< /view>< /view>

Answer 0:

The WeChat developer tool may be able to choose the time outside the scope, but you preview the real machine, you can’t choose the time out of the range, and the time to return will automatically roll back to the outside.endTime

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