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The dashboard on the left is a component
<div class=”setting-item”><span @click=”folderEdit”>Editor < /span> < /div>

  title="Prompt"Visible.sync= "folderEditShow"Width= "30%"Fullscreen>< span> this is a piece of information < /span&gT;< span slot= "footer" class= "dialog-footer" >< el-button @click= "dialogVisible = FALSE "> cancel < /el-button>< el-button type= "primary" @click= "dialogVisible = false" > determine &lT; /el-button>< /span>< /el-dialog>{(folderEdit)This.folderEditShow = true}

How can it be the middle position of the dialog box in the entire window?

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Guess that the style is polluted. You can check the elements in dialog right click to see the screenshots.

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