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When I was in primary school, I had a teacher named Monkey Brother. He was my Chinese teacher. He was also my sister and cousin’s Chinese teacher. Everyone around me remembered him because he was totally different from other teachers. At that time, the primary school only spoke a few English, he would take out his own lessons to give us sports art and ideological and moral character, he always.I like to inculcate some big ideas and principles for us, and I remember them deeply, and I also got into a fight with the whole class, more like our big brother. For junior high school, I am grateful to all the teachers. Our middle school is very poor. I cheated in the last semester of junior three, and I was able to arrange for the whole class.Eighth, although there are dozens of people in a class, but only a few of them are studying. The teacher still hasn’t given up on us. It’s more important for me. With our joint efforts, although I didn’t do well in the exam, I got into the first-level school. — Rare, is a very humorous man, but also my senior high school sophomore and junior high schoolTeacher in charge, his mantra you did not eat breakfast, did you eat dinner, even if you did something wrong, he would criticize you, he would first ask you whether you did – – his class is always very happy, people are very casual three years I have not seen him angry several times, he is accommodating us, although it looks very old.But I know that as a physics teacher, he is very shrewd. He doesn’t want to worry too much about us. He always encourages us when we fail in the exam. He also says that it’s okay to keep working hard. Before the college entrance exam, he said that it’s okay for everyone in our class to take an undergraduate course at random, although in the end, there are about ten students in our class.At the end of the final English exam, we collected books in the classroom. He asked us why we should take the books back. Didn’t we feel confident about taking the books back? I said to my teacher that I wanted to take a test book and then he actually told me that you should take all the books back quickly. Take a little more back to ahhah.Ahahahahahah misses you

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