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In VMare virtual machine, there are three modes of network connection: 1. Bridging mode 2. Only host mode 3. NAT mode. Of course, it can also be customized, but there are only three modes provided by virtual machine.

After the virtual machine is installed, two additional virtual network cards, VMent1 and Vment8, will appear in the network adapter. There is no need to use a virtual network card when using bridge mode, because it uses the

Your real network card, that is, the wired network card, so sometimes when you use bridging mode to link, you will find that you are not connected. The reason may be that you use wireless network card to automatically link in virtual machine bridging mode.

Change to your own cable network card.

Bridging mode takes up an IP address because it uses a real network card, but it can communicate with computers in the LAN. Using only host mode and NAT mode requires separate links

VMent1And Vment8 virtual network card, so that the real network will not occupy the IP address.

The two modes are also different. The only host mode, as its name implies, can only connect to the host. If the real host is connected to the Internet, then the virtual machine using NAT mode can also access the Internet, which is

The gap between the two.

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