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        Last night, I saw the automation script written by the big man in Python. I finished the manual operation on all the pages with one click. Only then did I know why Python was so powerful and why automation testing needed Python instead of Java. Java is used for systems, its healthStrong and powerful provide a great guarantee for the security and stability of the system.Python, as a scripting language, is used for automated testing. It is portable and efficient in development.。This is one of the reasons why Python is usually chosen for automated testing without Java. Unit testing is usually done in Java. In essence,Automated testing can be achieved with Java and Python。All can achieve the same function. Whether it’s a crawler or a test. But for projects, Python doesn’t work. Previously, I always contradicted Python and thought that learning Java better would be enough. In fact, let’s learn Java, Python and Shell.

       For Python IDE, you can choose PyCharm, which is somewhat similar to Java’s IED IEDA. You can download it online and crack it yourself.

       For Python environment configuration, after downloading Python installation, there is an option to automatically configure environment variables, just tick it. You can install it with one click. This is much simpler than installing JDK and can automatically configure environment variables

       After installation, you can open PyCharm and set font and background color. Get used to grey

       Then you can create a new package and a new Python file. Write Python program! But if the program relies on various packages, it will report errors; so it can automatically select the required packages in PyCharm FIle-setting, but only if the network is accessible. DifferentI can only follow the method of my last blog.Comparisons are meaningless for programming languages! I have limited energy. It’s enough to learn the following three well in my life! The key is to be refined! uuuuuuuuuuu

       Java        WebProject, Client Project, Big Data, Distributed Storage (Zookeeper, Kafka), Spark, Redis

       Python     Automation, Web Crawler, Big Data Analysis

       Shell        Automation, Linux

       C/C++      Underlying, embedded, fast, but do not learn. Lack of energy

       ABAP      Don’t learn. You don’t have that much energy.





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