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The Big Data Age you don’t know

I. What is Big Data?

Big Data or Massive Information,It refers to the huge amount of information through mainstream software tools, in a reasonable time to capture, manage, process, and integrate into information to help business decision-making, improve core competitiveness.

With the rapid development of mobile internet, data becomes rich and diverse, and its texture is distinct, showing its mobility, fragmentation and privacy. Data can be converted into market value, which is the core charm of big data services, and there are business opportunities in big data. In this era of huge information and advanced data processing technology, as long asYou have a new idea, you can get all kinds of business reasoning from a lot of data, and you can dig into abundant business opportunities. Today, big data has become the “pin of the sea” for commercial competition.

2. How to Use Big Data

Manufacturing industry is also in an era of data explosion. There are many kinds of data that manufacturing enterprises need to manage, involving a large number of structured data, such as product data, operation data, value chain data, market data, competitor data, etc.

With the development of mass customization and network collaboration, manufacturing enterprises also need to accept the “private customization” of many consumers from the Internet in real time, and coordinate the allocation of data resources through the network to organize production. Big data is the lifeblood of industrial internet, and the huge value that big data may bring is being especially important in traditional industries.It is the recognition of manufacturing industry. Through technological innovation and development, as well as the comprehensive perception, collection, analysis and sharing of data, it presents a new perspective of correctly recognizing the value chain of manufacturing industry, and promotes the emergence of a new generation of intelligent factories. It is to clarify these reasons that the tone of big data has become the main theme of industrial transformation.

Not surprisingly, it’s a big business in the business world. In World Business Intelligence, data can usually be divided into two groups. The first group is transaction data. Transaction data is gathered around events such as online shopping, user itineraries and logistics. The second group is interactive data. Interactive data is the collection of interactions between people around us。 Think about social media profiles, videos and photos. The example above in social media is a perfect example of interactive data.

In Facebook’s infrastructure, Vice President Jay Parick, there’s a famous saying: “If you don’t use big data, then you don’t have big data, you just have a bunch of data.” So, what can be used?

Big data is becoming a big way for companies to surpass their competitors. Case studies show that it can be used to increase market share, operating profit margin and return on capital investment.

It can be used to improve products or services, as well. Companies can analyze how a product is used, who uses it, and what they think they will change.

Perhaps the most frightening thing is that big data can be used to understand you. What do you like, what don’t you like? You’ve been to more places. All of this can be used for target advertising and marketing products. And consumer information is worth a lot of money, if sold, can sell hundreds of thousands of pounds worth a lot of money. Why do you think FIs acebook free? This is really just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many possibilities.

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