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     The Development of Android

       AndroidIt’s been six years since it was released in 2008, and the Android changes over the past six years have been amazing and rapid. At the beginning, Google adopted a fast iteration approach to enable Android systems to evolve rapidly, even every two months or so.A new version will be released in a month and a half. Today, Android, like the cooled Earth, is spinning more and more slowly, and the development cycle has even reached six months or more, which was unheard of before.

       Compared with other rivals in the industry, Android is as fickle as a kaleidoscope. Microsoft updates its desktop system every three to five years (as if it had recently accelerated), while Apple’s OS X keeps up to date every year. On the mobile side, Apple’s iOS passes byIt took seven years to redesign the entire interface, and from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, it looked almost the same. So Android users are lucky to see the same interface as last year, in a way, like Play.Store has gone through five different designs in five years.

        In retrospect, you may have a vague idea of Android’s rise, but now it has become a historic large operating system, with nearly a billion devices sold and 1.5 million devices activated every day. Android is now on such a large scale.The rise of Android is not like a superhero. On the contrary, Android was not popular in the early days, and it was not until Andorid 4.0 that the original screen capture function was added, so it was very important to find an early version of Android.Difficult.

       Now, the early Android version is dying, and many of the services at that time have been shut down. For Android, a system that relies on cloud computing Google services, once the service interface is shut down, the version of the system is almost condemned to death, and all you get is the death penalty.There is an application crash, or a blank screen.

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