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  Search service technology based on lucene; naturally supporting distributed;



  • gatway:Storage layer, all data can be stored locally (multiple es nodes form distributed storage), HDFS output location, shared files, etc.
  • Distributed Lucene Framework: Make Lucene-based Framework by Lacking Distributed Support
  • ESCustomization function: ES own function realization, such as closing, opening index, setting index read and write permission, etc.
  • Functional plug-ins: realize cluster management, form various custom plug-ins, discovery automatic discovery function
  • Transport protocol: support HTTP protocol, support thrift (AVRO)
  • User interface: Java API DSL operation command based on HTTP protocol, restFul parametric operation ES initiated

ElasticSearchStorage Application Concept

  Index index:luceneThe index file mentioned in this article looks like a library in a database as a whole.

  Type Type: In an index, documents with different structures can exist, batches of similar structures, defining the same batch of documents with the same structure as a type (field structure is the same); tables similar to databases
   Mapping: The attributes of different types of fields (String int, who is specified by the participle calculator, length, features, etc.) can be reflected in mapping mapping; similar to the schema (structure) of a database
   Document document:The basic unit of data searched, a data whole, document. Similar to a row of data records in a database, similar to a POJO object in Java
  Domain attribute field:Similar to a column column in a database

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