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Our team is going to produce an audio playback software, so I think about the playback function as the main body, I began to search online how to play the function in C #. After searching on the Internet, I found that there are many methods, but limited to the existing programming level, I chose the fourth kind of windows P.Layer components to complete. Because the group started programming in C# because it was easy to choose. QAQ uses this method on the principle of simplicity first.

Windows Media PlayerControl Windows Media Player is a media player that can play the most popular audio, video files and most hybrid multimedia files. In order to facilitate the development of programs, Visual Studio 2005 integrated development environment provides W.Indows Media Player control, and provides the relevant properties, methods, developers according to the provided properties, methods can fully achieve all the functions of Windows Media Player Player Player.

Then it doesn’t work well to select this component. Team member Zhou Bochen’s computer a little COM components will be stuck, my own computer is also a direct crash. Then we finally succeeded, and we were very happy. Although this is a simple thing, it also takes a lot of energy, from the beginning to determine the use of this to check.It’s not easy to read how to add and change attributes. In a word, it’s very successful.


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