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2. Research Background

Problem definition:This paper introduces the characteristics of MySQL database, studies and analyses the application of MySQL database in automatic test system, and combines MySQL database system with automatic test system.

difficulty: Database Processing

Related work: MySQL;Database; automatic test system HTML & gt;

Three Research Contents

Functional Realization of the Combination of MySQL Database System and Automated Testing System

  • data storage

  • Changes in database data

    MySQLThe ability of database system to change data is also very powerful. Data change usually refers to the query, deletion and modification of data. It can change both local fields and the whole database. You can use DB Tools Select DATA VI queries the database. It can query not only all the data, but also part of the data. Use DB Tools Execute Query VI and SQL statements to invoke MySQL database, and then use Update and De, respectively.The let function completes deletion and modification.

  • Database Processing

    MySQLThe data in the database system may be damaged or lost, or can not be correctly tested by the automated test system because of artificial modification. At this time, the database data is usually backed up and repaired. Backup operations require a complete mysqldump program, which is independentThe program can backup a complete text file and then regenerate the relevant database when needed. Complete related testing or get data from MySQL database system

Four conclusions

MySQLAs a key component of automated test system, database system plays a very important role in solving some drawbacks of automated test system effectively, and is of great significance in improving and expanding many functions of automated test system. The combination of MySQL database system and automated test system conformsWith the development of science, technology and economy, the development of MySQL database system will make the automated test system more convenient and accurate.


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