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JavaIf it is simply used as a tool of dynamic web project, it can transfer and store data from the front end to the back end.

Like a bank, you go to the counter (front end) to give some money to the server or the machine, then enter the password, then the server (back-end processing language) deposits the money in the bank’s safe cabinet, and then locks it in the room (database, database security).

The front end is very important, if the counter is broken (poorly laid out), or if there is even a ditch between you (Bug, or incompatible mobile viewing can’t click on some buttons), you can’t give money to the server or the machine.

The back end is also very important. If the waiter or the machine gives you the wrong amount of money, it will give you more (which is good:) But in case you get a little less, save your 800 yuan point for 700, and you don’t know anything about it, that’s a big problem.

After storage in the safe, we should also be able to evaluate the safety of the small cabinet. If it is 800, it will be okay to be a safe, but if the amount is large, such as 80,000, 800,000.. This is generally considered as a person who is difficult to achieve a well-known “small target”.

The security level of storage (database security) is a very important issue, because no one can grasp the specific situation of every data transmission on the Internet. If the security level is very low, whether from the client (pseudonymous domain name, phishing) or

From the service side (broiler, server is blackened, database is stolen) and so on, it will easily happen. Because there are still many people who extort or hacker on the N network to loot other people’s property.

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