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  Audio files can be downloaded from the FM mobile version of dragonfly. The purpose is to play the audio using a normal player (just for caching, and pass by for playing with dragonfly fm). But the problem is that the downloaded audio files are not the names of the files we see in the interface. So we have to make a mistake.Often necessary work to restore the file name.


  Download Radio to the audio file download directory, pull to the bottom, you can see a download. dat, file


  By the way, this is the file name mapping file. Open it and have a look.

  By the way, that’s it. The number after n @ is the actual file name. Find an editor with column editing mode and replace the previous name in batches. The results are as follows


  Save it as run. bat file (if you are in Windows system, you must save it as ANSI encoding format, otherwise it will be scrambled), double-click run, OK

  Because of inadvertent performances and random code problems, the documents were all scrambled names, and then deleted, so the corrected results can not have a picture and the truth, but the operation is absolutely possible, just pay attention to the final scrambling problem.

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