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You can enter the address-username-password page of the management card directly in the browser.

You can also use the command line

Here’s how to use the Linux command line

Basic Usage

The main thing is the racadm command.

    1. View Machine Basic Information

      racadm -r -uroot -p password getsysinfo
    2. Modify the default password of the remote management card (root/calvin)

      racadm -r -uroot -p calvin config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 NEW_PASSWORD

      More usage reference
    3. Set PXE to boot

      racadm config -g cfgServerInfo -o cfgServerBootOnce 1
      racadm config -g cfgServerInfo -o cfgServerFirstBootDevice PXE
      racadm serveraction powercycle
    4. Set hard disk non-raid
      dellThe default hard disk of the server is raid mode, which can not be recognized by the system. It needs to be converted into non-raid in bios.

      Get the server's hard disk FQDN first
      racadm raid get pdisks     # Display a list of all hard disks
      racadm raid get pdisks -o  # This command is to display the information of each hard disk in detail.
      # The last command, jobqueue, takes effect in real time, so you don't need to restart the system.
      for i in;do
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.0:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.1:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.2:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.3:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.4:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.5:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.6:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.7:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.8:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.9:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.10:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password raid converttononraid:Disk.Bay.11:Enclosure.Internal.0-1:RAID.Integrated.1-1
      racadm -r $i -uroot -p password jobqueue create RAID.Integrated.1-1 -s TIME_NOW --realtime

      Reference resources:

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