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There are three options for conflict resolution:

 1、Give up your updates, use SVN revert (rollback), and submit. There is no need to use SVN resolved in this way.

 2、Give up your own updates and use others’updates. Overwrite the target file with the latest version, execute resolved file ename and submit it

(Select the file – right-click – resolve, and use SVN – resolve.

 3、Manual resolution: When conflict occurs, update the target file manually after communicating with other users. Then resolve file ename is executed to resolve the conflict and finally submitted.


              On the conflict file (select the file — right-click menu — Tortoise SVN – Edit conflicts)

       If you want to use the server version, select the differentiated content in the Theirs window, right-click, and select Use this text block (use this text block).

Similarly, if you want to use the local version, after negotiation, right-click in the Mine window and select Use this text block (use this text block)

After the modification is completed, save the contents of the kingtuns.txt file

Select the file – right-click menu – Tortoise SVN – Resolved. A list of conflicting files is listed. If you confirm that the conflict has been resolved, click OK

Final submission of post-conflict resolution documents

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