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mapCannot convert string format directly



  Map<String,Object> map=new HashMap<String,Object>();



  JSONObject jsonObject=JSONObject.fromObject(map);



[bug01] httpClientCall SSO interface, util class parameters are token and appCode, because they are String type, the order is wrong.

[bug02] When checking the password and generating a new password, the content of the object is changed by adjusting the method already written.

[bug03] By adjusting other project interfaces, we can run locally, but the front end always reports errors in the dev environment. The reason is that the configuration file is written incorrectly. Only the link address of the local environment has been modified.


[Attention 01] When debugging, we still need to look at the server log. debug and so on, which can check the problem accurately.


[Backup 01] Add logs, especially to control third-party calls to entries and exits, to avoid null pointers

Input log. info (“—– begin to save Username (v1/save Username) | | | Input: {}”, params. toString ();”

Log. info (“- – end to save Username | | | | Exit: {}”, data. toString ();”

Error (“- – end to save Username (v1/save Username) | | | exceptionInfo code:{}; msg:{}”, WrappErEnumError.REQUEST_FAIL.getCode(), failed to save username;

Exception log. error (“—– end to codeLogin (v1 / codeLogin) | | Exception”, e);

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