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vmware workstationIt is a virtual machine computer software, which can run different operating systems at the same time. However, after installing VMware Workstation 12, some users of win10 system find that there is no bridge network card in the network connection. How to solve this problem? Now let’s share with you.The following specific solutions for your reference.

1、This problem can turn on edit-virtual network editor in turn after closing all virtual machines, and VMnet0 network card without bridging mode will be found.

 2、Press Win + R to open the running window, enter services. msc, return to open the service manager, find the Device Install Service service and start the service, which is closed by default;


3、Then return to the virtual network editor and click Restore the default settings. VMware will automatically uninstall the virtual network card and reinstall the network driver. After installation, you will find that the editor already has a bridge mode network card.


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