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  Recently, we have been developing the Android version of Xinjiang UAV. This water is very deep. If we don’t look carefully at the introduction of SDK on the official website, we will encounter all kinds of pits. Let’s simply record them. I hope we can let others take less detours.

  There are probably two kinds of SDK used on Android: Android SDK and Android UX SDK.

  Android SDK(Introduction to official website:

  Developers can access many of DJI’s product features and functions through SDK.Developers can fly automatically, control cameras and platforms, receive real-time video and sensor data, download saved media from products, and monitor the status of other components.

  DJI Mobile SDKThree ways are allowed to control aircraft flight:

  • Manual:Users use remote controls to fly aircraft, while SDK allows real-time video and sensor data to be monitored.
  • Virtual joystick command:SDKallowCreate a virtual remote control rocker to move and simulate the pilot.
  • task:Convenient, easy to achieve high-level aircraft control.For example, you can use the Waypoint task to execute the defined flight path.

  Virtual joystick commands and tasks allow simple but powerful automatic flight control for DJI aircraft.

Camera and platform functions are highly programmable, allowing:

  • Camera mode:Video and Still Image Capture
  • exposure:Shutter, ISO, aperture and exposure compensation can be customized to maximize flexibility
  • Image parameters:Width-to-height ratio, contrast, tone, sharpness, saturation and filters
  • Video parameters:Resolution and frame rate
  • direction:With a platform, camera orientation and motion can be automated

  Real-time video of aircraft can be obtained through DJI Mobile SDK.Real-time video can be used even if the camera is capturing the image or video into its storage medium.

  SDKProvide abundant sensor data.GPSPosition, compass, barometer, flight speed and altitude are some sensor readings provided by the Mobile SDK at frequencies up to 10 Hz.

  Videos saved to camera storage media (SD cards or solid-state drives) can be viewed and downloaded through DJI Mobile SDK.Preview and complete image data can be accessed.

  Remote controls, batteries and wireless links can be accessed through SDK.Most of these components provide state information, but some control can also be exercised.

  Android UX SDK(Introduction to official website: 

  Many applications that use DJI Mobile SDK to control DJI products have similar core functions.They usually:

  • Real-time view showing camera feed
  • Display product status (aircraft telemetry, battery power, signal strength, etc.)
  • Allow users to view and change product settings
  • With automatic take-off, landing, home and other basic functions.

  To create an application, developers usually have to provide this core set of functions before adding some unique features.

  DJI UX SDKProvide UI elements with these core functions, so they can be used to speed up development time.In fact, by using the default UX SDK, you can create an application without additional lines of code.


  The above is an introduction to the official website.

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