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For the convenience of listing hereunbuntuCommonly used software

  1. markdownAuthoring tool typora
  2. Text editor, you can use your own GEDIT or install VIM
  3. word、ppt、excelWait for office documents, Jinshan wps, but there is a font problem, you can search, download the font and install it.
  4. Code editor, a little more focused on the development of HTML and asp. net core and other projects, vscode
  5. pdfReader, Fuxin Reader
  6. Sogou input method
  7. Chrome
  8. The download tool uget, which is downloaded directly in the store, can be used in conjunction with aria 2. Baidu is an interesting course.
  9. qqSolution
  10. Nail Solution
  11. Wechat solution

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