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In this era of information digitalization, “big data” is almost a word that every participant in the era of dealing with digital and information is talking about. It is not only a trend of the development of the times, but also a boom of technological innovation. It can be said that big data analysis technology is applied to the company’s development and industry.The future trend not only plays the role of intelligent decision-making guidance and accurate prediction, but also enables enterprises to stand out in the fierce competition in the industry. Therefore, the strategic layout of large data analysis makes more and more enterprises have a new understanding and unprecedented attention to data analysis.

In the current industries in various fields, the application of big data analysis technology has been very extensive, as the saying goes, “Where there is data, there is data analysis”. Can big data really change and improve the way businesses operate? The answer is yes. With the application of large data analysis technology in enterprises becoming more and more close and extensive, we are working every day.We will see the feedback of big data give us new objective and scientific information to help people really get what they want from it. In addition, the application of big data analysis technology has already gone deep into all aspects of our lives, covering medical, transportation, finance, education, sports, retail and other industries.

Since Alpha Go first defeated professional Go players and became the first artificial intelligence robot to win the world championship of Go, AI artificial intelligence has begun to arouse people’s thinking and questions. Artificial intelligence is a technology that enables machines to perform intelligent tasks like humans. naturalLanguage processing is a branch of artificial intelligence. Besides machine learning, neural network and in-depth learning, language processing is a system that can understand language. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of NLP, which is widely used. We can further understand it. NLP: Natural Language ProcessingUage Processing refers to the ability of a machine to understand and explain the way human beings write and speak. The goal of NLP is to enable computers/machines to understand languages as intelligently as humans. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between human communication (natural language) and machine language (machine language).Different.

Nowadays, 80% of all data can be used. Big data comes from information stored by large companies and enterprises. For example, volunteer information, company purchasing, sales records, economic business and the history of companies and social media. Although human languages are ambiguous and unstructured data for computersPatterns, but with the help of NLP, we can parse these patterns in large unstructured data to better understand the information contained therein. NLP can use big data to solve difficult business problems, such as retail, medical, entry business. There’s a man who’s been touched by many people.AI application-chat robot is a computer program that communicates through chat app, chat window or voice wake-up app. For example, Siri of Apple mobile phone is also an intelligent digital assistant used to solve customer problems. It has low cost, high efficiency and continuous work. Taobao Store has a lot of functions.Use more.

Unlike many industries, doctors are an industry that needs experience. They need to master the medical knowledge accumulated by countless ancestors and constantly verify the theory and accumulate experience in clinical work. AI based on in-depth learning, like doctors, needs constant training and improves the algorithm model in practice.There are two main directions of AI in medical field: one is based on natural language processing, which diagnoses diseases according to medical records and symptoms; the other is based on computer vision, which diagnoses diseases by identifying medical images.

Taking lung cancer recognition as an example, AI can diagnose lung cancer in two ways. One is based on natural language processing, representing IBM’s Watson. Warson has studied 200 textbooks, 290 medical journals and more than 15 million in four years.Watson began to be used clinically after the literature was published. The patient’s medical records and symptoms could be input into the system to identify lung cancer. Now Watson has been able to provide diagnostic advice for doctors in the fields of lung cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer and so on.

In the era of big data, no matter what industry, the size of big data will be affected, and the impact will continue to expand and deepen. The application of big data analysis technology will make people more comfortable to get the information they want. And one thing we can be sure of is that no matter what the big data points are.Analyzing how technology develops, or can’t leave all kinds of user behavior data produced by people-centered. The correlation of these core data and intelligent data collection of perceptible devices constitute a complete big data ecological environment. We are the creators of big data, but also the one of big data.Members, living together in the increasingly clear track of digitalization, create wealth, but also create a new self!

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