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I read the electronic version of this book, and it feels good. Friends who need to learn can download the PDF version for free through the Internet disk (first click on the ordinary download – – – then choose the ordinary user to download it for free).

Need IT programming classic book resources big collection Baidu disks link add qqq 3083709327, and I am willing to pay to take Xiaobaixue python, help you answer questions, help you solve problems, guide you to find a job, take you into the industry. Believe that someone with your words can take less detours.Successfully go into business and get a high salary. On Saturdays and Sundays, the Beijing area can come to the door for guidance, but not on-line guidance from Beijing. I used to be a fresh back-end engineer, self-taught civil engineering Python successfully transferred, 5-digit monthly salary, quiet personality, integrity, want to learn plus qq.

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