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This article will cover the project at the end of the previous stage and restart the subsequent examination. So-called, no summary, no growth, although this project has not been successful, but also unprecedented harvest, as detailed below.

  Software operation

  Software processes and tools [processes / tools / methods]
    Software process
      Software process model: rapid prototyping process +Scrum[regular meetings + enhanced communication > document]
      Project process:
        1.Build skeletons, open meetings, set requirements, record documents.
        2.According to the needs, we should set up the framework, take advantage of the situation and coordinate the work.
        3.Technology selection, database design [concept &gt, physical design], technical learning, and development of test plans.
        4.Determine the program structure (front and back), determine the front page, and make API.
        5.Front-end design, front-end development, back-end development, test parallelism
    Software tools:
      Axure RP:Rapid prototyping tools / UI design
      Maven:Project management of program source code
      Git/SVN:Version management / software team collaboration tool +GitHub
      IDEA:Highly automated IDE[Git (Github) +Maven]
      Document [electronic / paper]: curing needs, forming statute
      Navicat:Database design chain [conceptual design > physical design]
      Hibernate:ORMAnd reverse ORM
      Junit:Test tool [backend]
      Postman:Network request debugging tool
      Chrome:Front-end debugging tool
      Visio:System analysis and design tools, drawing tools
  Software architecture
      Network deployment architecture
      Front end separation cooperation
      Production / test environment
    Front end
        SpringMVC + Spring + Hibernate
    Database design
      conceptual design
        Version reconfiguration
        (Visio) E-RPrimary > (Navicat) physics / refinement
    physical design
2.Doing and learning
  Management work
    Project management [documentation, software, standards, collaboration]
  Learning and defining technology selection [Maven/SpringBoot/Git/ crawler technology]
  Program building
  Backend development
  Teaching technology and building environment [UI/Maven/ project collaboration]
  Project featuresGit/SVN[Trying to + Maven + [Backend] Spring Boot (Spring MVC + Spring + Hibernate / JPA) + Jsoup + [Front End] jQuery + Bootstrap +EasyUI

    Standardized development of enterprises
      Formed a complete project management framework [document management + program management].
    Database design process
    Project management Maven
    Team work to develop Git+Github
    There is a contradiction between the pursuit of standardization and the pursuit of growth and learning for all members of the team.
    The degree of the two needs to be well controlled: the lack of a clear project schedule in advance is not conducive to the successful progress of the project schedule.
    Because the personal control is improper and seriously slows down the project, the project leader takes the responsibility.

2.Finishing is more important than following the rules.

  This project is the only one in the university stage that fully complies with the enterprise standard development, software engineering, computer professional theory of software projects, standardization and collaboration is the greatest harvest.

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