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First. Preface

  This article was written by my brother when he was confused in the postgraduate entrance examination. Today, I just saw the things I packed up and sent them to my blog. It may be helpful to those who want to give up the postgraduate entrance examination. I hope everyone who read this blog can have some inspiration.

Two. Text

  I got up early this morning thinking about what to say to you, whether to persuade you to stick to it or to support you to give up. I think that no matter which choice you make, it’s ultimately up to you to decide, and I’m just a small interlude in your life. I have advised many people that they are all confused.I would like to share their confusion with me, want to get the advice they want from me, only your advice I dare not give, just because you are my brother, I do not want to interfere in your life too much, or you have to take responsibility for your own life. This is the first thing I want to tell you about the purpose of writing this letter.It’s not telling you what you should do, it’s telling you what you can do, and ultimately it’s your own way of life.

  I mainly start from three aspects, why, how, if not.

  Why postgraduate entrance examination?

  This question, from the day you decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination, I told you, let you think clearly why you took the postgraduate entrance examination, even before you decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination, I talked to you about the topic of taking the postgraduate entrance examination. To be honest, I used to be very impressed with postgraduates. I think I am not the kind of academic person. But when my elder sister talked to me,I feel that this is an opportunity for God to give me life, and I want to catch it. You may not believe it, think this is very mysterious, but today I got into the exam, I can tell you with confidence, at that time I really think that is my fate, the chance to change my life, and then I have two consecutive days of insomnia. I am faint.Enough to feel that I had no choice but to seize this opportunity. On the other hand, I always have a big goal. I often tell people around me that I want to go to Huawei, but my undergraduate school is impossible to go to Huawei, so Huawei is a distant dream for me. You have to ask me why.So want to go to Huawei, I do not know, I only know my heart is want to go, this is my heart’s voice, I follow it. Now, after I got into the exam, I found that Huawei’s goal has become the most secure choice, you go to a higher platform, what you touch, what you know is all wrong.You have a subversive change in your judgment of life. These were things I couldn’t imagine at that time, so at this moment I especially cherished the opportunity to learn more in school.

  As you know, I was an excellent spoiled child, elementary school, junior high school has always been a leader in that group, is also such a kind of environment that the arrogant I was always fantastic, always unrealistic. The college entrance examination gave me a lot of blow, but it didn’t hurt my life.In the University, I still live with a gesture that I want to do well. You may also know the sense of difference, the feeling of being on top of others, and watching others go beyond you a little bit, and eventually you become the person who looks up at others underneath. At that time, I felt very unwilling, especially after the second year of senior high school. howeverFate is destiny after all, and some things may be doomed. Later, I began to slowly accept, accept such ordinary me, accept that I am not smart at all. In retrospect, it may be this acceptance of oneself that leads to a little progress in the future, rather than dwelling on the illusion of a promiscuous future.In the world. After arriving at the university, I put my mind at rest and did everything well step by step. Gradually, I was recognized by others. Gradually, I had more and more chances. Only in this way can I take the postgraduate entrance examination in the future.

  To tell you this, is to tell you why I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and you also want to know why you want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, what kind of life you want, this is the reason to support your persistence, if you can not find the impulse to let you from the heart to take the postgraduate entrance examination, your probability of success is very low. I just recognized it.Ordinary me, want to cherish the rare opportunity to change their lives, so I decided to take the postgraduate entrance exam after I just do not look back. This is also my way to take an entrance examination of postgraduate numberless times appear in my mind picture, I have countless fantasies after the success of the entrance examination of postgraduate how to say, how to plan a career, how to do a better jobSelf. Perhaps I put too much emphasis on this matter, so that I can sacrifice everything else on the way to postgraduate entrance examination. At that time, the teacher wanted me to be deputy secretary of the Party branch, I refused, and later with the teacher stiff, but what, when I succeeded in postgraduate entrance examination, they still like the original to me. ThatWhen the course, I did not go to, can skip classes are skipped, because I know clearly that the entrance examination is a chance to change my fate.

  Now that I come to this strange environment and start another journey, I begin to think about the gap between them and me. Why can they read 985 and I can’t do that? Where is the gap? In the past half a month, I have seen a lot of things and learned a lot from them.But it strengthened my belief that I didn’t have to be inferior to others, that I could do better than them. This feeling is very similar to what you’re feeling now. Your current panic and uneasiness stems from your distrust of yourself and uncertainty about your future. You feel like everyone else is better than you reviewed, and you’re on schedule.It’s so slow. I always feel hopeless. But in fact, people aren’t much better than you. Always remember, you’re at the same level as you are in the same school, so you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself, or you should adjust your schedule a little bit, and do what you should do a little bit better.

  In ten thousand steps, even if others are really better than you review, it doesn’t mean that they end up with higher marks than you. A paper on these knowledge points, many knowledge points are fixed dead, others will do, you will do. And those you can’t do, people can’t get a score, which is what I reviewed.The state of mind. I hope you have this kind of thinking to look at this problem. Don’t overestimate yourself, don’t be too inferior to yourself, do what you can do now, you are not far from success. Speaking so much, I just want to lead you to think. Why do you want to take the postgraduate entrance examination? What kind of life do you want? The truth of your heartWhat is law?

  How to do it?

  First of all, the premise of this topic is that you have a little bit of confidence to stick to, or a little bit of desire to stick to. Second, what you need to do now is to recognize your strength. You should find a time to calm down and think about what level you are now, even if you are only able to test 150 points.At 60, that doesn’t matter. That’s what you’re doing now. You’re going to accept it. You’re allowed to do it now, but that’s only the first step. This step is the key to the future.You must recognize yourself, do not comfort yourself, deceive yourself.,Once you’ve figured this out, you’ve got a good idea of where you can make progress and where you can start. This leads to the third point, you should learn to abandon some things this time, some points of knowledge have not yet come and see can be abandoned decisively, put those heavy firstThe main task should be done, and then there is time to make up for things that we didn’t have time to learn before. It’s close to September, but it’s also a good time to overtake on bends. Many people start at a bottleneck in September, because they’re all about it, and you can use it to work harder.Curve overtaking。Make good use of the remaining three months, you can learn a lot of things, this is my own experience, even if only one night, you can create miracles. The so-called persistence does not refer to the persistence in action, but is still burning in the heart of the desire for goals, but still believe that they have the opportunity to create miracles. mostThe latter point is, you have to plan your present time, adjust your work schedule, I do not recommend learning too late, I used to sleep at 11:30, I came to the University of Science and Technology found that those learning bullies are very short every day, basically do not spend a lot of time. So, you should think about your learning method.If so, then you can stop and spend two days learning how to learn, how to learn. This is your tool for efficient learning. I’ve been reading How to Learn recently. If you feel inefficient, you can spend two days looking at it, relaxing, and thenPlanning and planning.

  What if you didn’t take the postgraduate entrance examination?

  That’s when you said to me, you see more and more people around you take the postgraduate entrance examination, I thought you would want to understand why they want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, I also hope you want to understand, but now it seems that you have not thought clearly about this question, so I will start this letter with you to talk about why the postgraduate entrance examination. You’ve been sticking to it for almost 4 months.The time is not long, nor short, but you have a certain understanding of this thing, you know what this is. If you really put all your energy into studying for four months, then you will find that you have abandoned a lot of things, that’s how I was at that time, abandoned too many things.Every day go out early and go home late, do not listen to things around, in addition to loneliness is to learn, but I did not want to give up, even if it is the most difficult and tired time. I remember at that time in August I was also very painful, and then I was decadent, doubtful, but then I began to start again, the way to take an examination of postgraduate is like this, give you hopeAnd let you sink into despair. So, by the time you stick to the exam halfway through, you’ll find too many people give up step by step, and I don’t want you to be one of those people. First, let’s not talk about the problem of taking the postgraduate entrance examination. This is because you decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination.Things, I hope you are a person with a beginning and an end, even if the end result makes you all wounded, it is also your life. Is this life not a struggle? When you are young, you don’t want to be tough on yourself. When you are old, you want to work hard. You also like to travel around, which shows that you are a self-motivated person.People, not willing to live in such an environment every day, then the postgraduate entrance examination this stage will become the most unforgettable memories of your life, I think than my college entrance examination was unforgettable, the change of mentality on the way is the wealth of your life. You can allow yourself to fail, but not allow yourself to give up, which is responsible for yourself. thereforeDon’t give up when you start, stick to it anyway, as long as you can stick to it until the end is victory.

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