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 webservice Generate client

wsdl2java -encoding UTF-8 -p com.trm  -d D:\happywork  -client http://localhost/trm-trading-server/tradingWS/officalfee?wsdl

-p Generated package name
-d Generated location
-client Published services

-p Specify the namespace of its WSDL, that is, to generate the package name of the code:

-d Specifies which directory to generate code

-client Generate code for client testing web service

-server Generate the code for the server to start web service.

-impl Implementation code for generating web service

-ant Generate build.xml files

-all Generate all start endpoint code: types, service proxy,, service interface, server mainline, client mainline, implementationObject, and an Ant build.xml fi



use steps as follows:

1. Download the Apache CXF package, such as, at

Two, decompress to a directory, such as D:\apache-cxf-2.7.10

Three, set environment variables 1, CXF_HOME=D:\apache-cxf-2.7.10

2、Add%CXF_HOME%/bin after path.

Enter wsdl2java in the CMD command. If prompted usage, it indicates that the configuration is successful.

Four, run the wsdl2java tool, run like the above code.

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