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One.Jmeter does HTTP interface test:

1.Start JMeter: install bin files in directory


2.Right-click “Test Plan” – & gt; “Add” – & gt; “Threads (Users) – & gt;”Thread Group”to create a thread group

3.Select the thread group to add the HTTP request.

4.In the HTTP request interface: enter the protocol server address port number, select the HTTP request method, set parameters, and even variables: variable name formatted as ${variable name}

5.Set the value of variables, select the thread group to add the original configuration, CSV

The new file excel is then saved to CSV.

Splitting parameters

Then set up

6.Add view result tree

7.Modify the thread group and set the number of cycles (consistent with the number of test data rows).



Two.Jmeter to do soap interface test

1.Start JMeter

2.Add thread group

3.The interface address can be decomposed into multiple addresses through soapUI.

4.jmeterAdding HTTP requests is different from selecting body data parameters.

5.Copy soapUI request data to JMeter body data

6.As the soap protocol needs to add the HTTP request header, for example, add parameters

7.The value of the parameter comes from the soapUI raw page sign.


8.Set parameters, set parameters in body


9.Add CSV and HTTP interface settings consistent

10.Add result tree



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