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Recently, in developing Baidu landing page, the boss asked WAP page to have a click to add WeChat customer service dialogue.
I have studied for several days and haven’t touched the way. I hope you can guide the code how to realize it.
Because if you can jump directly from your cell phone to WeChat, the loss of users will be reduced a lot, and it will also help them do business.

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Not to do, WeChat customer service needs to pay attention to the public number, WeChat is not allowed to enter the public number directly through the code, can pop up two-dimensional code, and then pay attention to the customer service dialogue.

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The previous time has also been exposed to this aspect of this aspect of WeChat before the interface can not be used now only through the mobile browser to open WeChat, as you said, the direct open dialogue can only let users after the pop-up WeChat to add customer service and then dialogue.

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