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Want to use Vue to develop a mall’s front-and-back interface is the front-end display background management interface and then there is a question: Vue directory how to design separate

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You can build two directories under the components directory, and one home and one admin store the foreground and background components respectively. Routes are designed to separate them, such as/Access the front interface,/admin/Access to the background interface

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I am a mall city. Our team’s practice is to separate into two projects, because the shopping mall projects are relatively large.

Answer 2:

The position of the back end code is the same.vue Files are put infrontend Under the catalog

Answer 3:

It is suggested that two items be written separately. Because the foreground is partial effect display, the background is partial business logic.
Code management, as well as the storage of picture resources, and later if the project expands, this is where scalability needs to be considered.
Separate writing can also avoid the problem of careless coverage or duplicate name of code, leading to the inconsistency of front and rear stations.

Answer 4:

This is the two item. Why do we have to put it together?

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